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How to Start and Grow a Profitable Business in 20 Hours per Week

July 14, 2011

How to Start and Grow a Profitable Business in 20 Hours per Week is a 6-week teleseminar bootcamp to get you started with a successful part-time business that makes money.

Starts July 25  — Register today! 

This workshop is for you if you want to

  • Start making money with a part-time business
  • Start your business with little money and low risk
  • Improve a part-time business you already have and get it to the point that it is making consistent money and paying you instead of you continuing to pour money into it
  • Pay off debt
  • Save more money
  • Stop worrying about bills
  • Feel stress free on your day job
  • Take a nice vacation regularly and really enjoy it without pinching pennies
  • Help causes you care about and help your family, friends, church or place of worship
  • Stop feeling helpless and powerless when you see someone you care about in need but feel unable to help because you’re working to stay afloat and get ahead for yourself
  • Get in position to invest in real estate while it’s still at rock bottom prices
  • Clean up your credit
  • Start making enough extra cash to be able to pay your bills on time or even in advance
  • Stop worrying about layoffs or unemployment
  • Live without constantly worrying about money and bills
  • Create a lifestyle that you and your family can enjoy and that teaches your children about the value of a strong work ethic
  • Feel more at peace and more in control of your career and financial destiny

REGISTER NOW: Three payments of $97  OR  One time payment of $249

The teleseminar will take place on 6 consecutive Mondays, starting July 25. You will receive handouts and templates via e-mail in advance and you can participate from where ever you are. You will learn everything you need to know to start your profitable part-time business and get on the path to being worry free.  If you miss some of a session or happen to not be available for one of the workshops in the series, it’s no problem.  Each session will be recorded and you can go over your handouts and templates along with the recording at any time that is convenient to you.

Are you ready to do what it takes to create a life without worries?  

Register for this teleseminar to take the guess work out of your start-up.  I am an experienced, working entrepreneur who can help you avoid mistakes, losses and unnecessary risk. That’s why CNN and other national press outlets have called on me to talk to their anchors and business correspondents (like Ali Velshi) about how people can become successful entrepreneurs.  Take the guess work out of it and set yourself on a path to end the worries that so many people are facing.

  • Are you ready to stop worrying about money?
  • Are you ready to stop worrying about bills?
  • Are you ready to stop worrying about a bad economy?
  • Are you ready to stop worrying about lay-offs and unemployment—and whether you’re next?
  • Are you ready to stop feeling guilty after you’ve gone shopping for things you need or like?
  • Are you ready to stop worrying about whether you’re eating out too much?
  • Are you ready to stop worrying about whether you will be able to afford health insurance for you and your family?
  • Are you ready to stop worrying about unforeseen situations that put you in a financial bind—like major home repairs or expensive car repairs?
  • Are you ready to stop worrying about not being in a position to help your family and other people when you really want to?

Register now (easy 3-pay  OR  one-time payment) for this teleseminar to learn solid, proven strategies for building your profitable business part-time from me;  I am an experienced entrepreneur who started part-time and made a successful transition and have been growing my business full-time since 2008!  That’s right.  Take 6 weeks to learn how to build a business part-time and the right way — a profitable business that can put you on a path to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT and LIVE WORRY FREE.

During this 6-week boot camp teleseminar I will teach you how to have your job and a successul part-time business too.  And how both your job and business can make you better at them both.  I grow businesses and share strategies for business success based on my personal insights and experiences and during this 6-part teleseminar series you will learn in detail how to START, GROW and MANAGE a profitable part-time business. The teleseminar includes 30 solid strategies that will get you off to a fast and successful start:

REGISTER NOW TO MAKE SURE YOU GET A SPACE!  Two options: Easy 3-pay   OR  One-time payment

You will learn:

  1. How to know whether you are ready to start a business — and when to launch.
  2. How to keep your full-time job and start your business part-time with low risk and begin making money right away.
  3. How to improve your business if you’ve already started it — and get it to pay you instead of you
    pouring money into it.
  4. The 7 easy ways to find a business idea.
  5. How to master a marketing formula that brings your business consistent, predictable income.
  6. A formula for managing your time, staying on track and being productive to maximize your profits within the 20 hours per week that you set aside for business.
  7. The 3 best ways to finance the start up of your business — including 2 ways average everyday
    people are getting $2,000 to $25,000 or more to start their businesses; proven steps for how you can too — and the 1 thing you must NEVER do when raising money on these platforms.
  8. How to pay your children to work for you and get a huge tax deduction and 9 other basic tax deductions you can take as a new business owner (including deducting your cell phone bill, lunches and more) — and put thousands of dollars back in your pocket instantly.
  9. At least 15 ways to market and grow your business.
  10. How to easily add 3 new revenue streams to your business once you have it up and running — without adding to your workload.

Plus, 20 more proven, solid, step-by-step strategies for launching and growing your part-time business to profitability!  Why guess at it when you don’t have to?  I’m ready to share the proven success strategies I have learned from experience.


I will send you my e-book of the Top 10 Free or Low-Cost Web-Based Tools That Will Help you Run, Grow and Manage Your business from a Cell Phone or Laptop Anytime, Anywhere. ($37 VALUEYours free with registration for this seminar!)

*For example, wouldn’t you like to know about the service (only $1 to set it up) that lets you consult with clients or customers by phone and they pay you for time?  You set your prices per minute or by the hour. Charge whatever you want and the service gets a small percentage fee.

*Or, the best e-commerce solution for creating a store on Facebook where anybody can “Like” and buy your products or services?   And it’s free!

Find out about these and 8 more incredibly valuable web-based tools for your business.  Usually, $37 but you get it FREE when you register for this teleseminar.

REGISTER NOW: Easy 3-pay    OR  One-time payment


Free 15 minute one-on-one phone consultation with me ($125 VALUEFree for the first 20 One Pay registrants. REGISTER NOW: One-time payment).  We can talk about your ideas and how to implement everything you’ve learned from the teleseminar! FREE for the first 20 One Pay registrants! Register now: One-time payment

I will provide you all the step-by-step instruction you need during this 6-part teleseminar to implement everything right away. What are you waiting for? Register now (easy 3-pay   OR  one-time payment) and get on the path (or speed up your progress) toward living with no worries by growing a successful business part-time!

REGISTER NOW: Easy 3-pay   OR  One-time payment

Take a second and think about it. What has stressed you out recently? What has stressed you out for months? Or even years? Mostly things related to money, right? I know. I was tired of stressing about that — and tired of seeing my mother stress about it too — so I decided to do something about it and I took ACTION. That’s how I left my corporate job in 2008 and have grown my business to national recognition and profits! I’m here to share with you how to do it right; how to avoid the pitfalls and how to get your part-time business going with low risk and start making money right away. You deserve to set yourself up for peace and security and enjoy your life more.  Take it from me: It feels great!  Actually, it feels amazing!!

REGISTER NOW: Easy 3-pay   OR  One-time payment

This teleseminar series includes templates, scripts, handouts and solid resources you need to get your business off the ground successfully. Sign up now to make sure you get a seat. Spaces are limited and once they sell out (which happens quick!) there won’t be anything me and my team can do about it (we have a waiting list but why wait another 6 weeks to do what you can do right now)?

I have learned that successful people have some common traits. One common trait among successful people is taking ACTION.  Are you ready to take ACTION?

Once we receive your registration you will receive follow-up materials and the dial-in information for the first workshop in the series. REGISTER NOW: Easy 3-pay   OR  One-time payment.

If you have questions, e-mail

Do you know this quote from Moms Mabley, a wise old comedienne: “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you always got. If you want something different you’ve got to do something different.”

Are you ready to do something different?  Take ACTION now and get registered.  High five! 

Get registered now to reserve your space and we will send your handouts and teleseminar information for the first workshop in the 6 part series.

REGISTER NOW: Easy 3-pay   OR  One-time payment

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