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How to Build Buzz for Your Business

June 27, 2010

You’ve heard the story about a tree falling in the forest and no one being there to hear it, right?  The same kind of thinking applies to business: Selling a great product or service is not enough.  Someone needs to know about it.  In fact, lots of people need to know about it—and buy it—for you to stay in business so marketing and publicity are important to growing your business fast.

There are lots of ways to get publicity.  The range includes working to get publicity on your own, having customers and fans who love your product or service so much that they generate publicity for you, and working with a PR firm—professional publicity generators—to put you, your product or service, and your business on the map.

A great mix of this complete range of ways to get publicity for your business is a “virtual press tour.”  A virtual press tour enables you to build buzz online, which is the first place that traditional press outlets will look before booking or interviewing you anyway, and it is lower in cost than hiring a traditional PR firm.  Plus, once you get word out about your business, you should get sales, which can lead to word-of-mouth buzz for your enterprise.

My Virtual Press Tour offers virtual press tours to start-up, growing and emerging businesses.

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