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Easy, Inexpensive Shopping Cart Solutions for Your Website

June 27, 2010

Most people have heard of easy-to-setup payment solutions, like PayPal, that will allow you to accept debit and credit cards, as well as e-checks, from your customers online (and by phone or in-person with Virtual Terminal).  PayPal is a great tool if you’re selling just a few products (five or fewer) on your website but if you are setting up an e-commerce website where you will be selling a lot of products in different sizes, colors and styles—or information products that need to be downloaded after payment—you need a “shopping cart” solution.

Since I specialize in helping people start businesses quickly, inexpensively and profitably, I thought it only fitting to share with you a couple e-commerce shopping cart solutions that are simple to set-up with no headaches, no need for expensive professional help, and low monthly costs.  Following are two that do the trick.  If there are others you know of, or if you use these, share your thoughts with everyone in the “Comments” section.

This is a “hosted” shopping cart solution meaning that all of your product photos and information about your products would be uploaded on to Shopify’s website.  You would then create your unique address to your Shopify storefront (i.e.  You would then link to your unique Shopify storefront from your website.  Sure this option means people will click through to another site but the bottom line is they can still buy from you.  It’s a low-cost way to get started and as you grow, and have a profit stream to re-invest in your business, you can look into other solutions that are integrated directly into your website.

E-Junkie enables you to add buttons to your website to sell and the only time a person goes to their site is when they are actually checking out.  This system syncs with PayPal and other payment solutions and is really easy to use.  It’s also cheap to get started with it (only $5 per month) and you can sell both downloadable or intangible products and tangible products.  Another simple, inexpensive way to get started.

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