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Franchising and Business Opportunities

May 17, 2010

If you are considering getting into franchising or pursuing a business opportunity system, here are people you definitely need to know; and why I think you should know them. If you contact anyone listed, please let them know I sent you:

Chad and Renee’ Jones
Enspieur Consulting and Recruiting (pronounced “Inspire”)

Why you should know them: Chad and Renee’ work with people nationwide and are experienced and well-connected professionals in franchising.  Their information is solid and their service is free to you because the franchise companies pay them to generate serious and qualified franchisee leads. Chad and Renee’ also seem committed to connecting people to the franchise or opportunity that is the best fit—not just closing a deal and making a buck.

Note: I list professionals and experts in my “People You Definitely Need to Know” section as a way of helping my audience. If you ever have a bad experience with anyone I have recommended please e-mail immediately to let me know what happened: Please also e-mail me about good experiences.  People I list in this section are professionals I have personally met or worked with, or from whom I have heard a presentation, to know firsthand what they offer.

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