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17 Ideas for Service Businesses You Can Start with Just a Little Money

May 15, 2010
Singles and families alike are pinching pennies with the economy percolating but still in a slump.  Bills still need to be paid, debt needs to be paid off, money needs to be saved and whether employed or unemployed, folks continue to be a bit anxious about money.  Those are necessities, but even our lesser priorities like vacations, extracurricular activities or hobbies, and entertainment are important.  Here are 17 part-time business ideas I came up with that can help you make extra money—either on a full-time, part-time, or spare time basis:
  1. Errand service
  2. Carpooling service
  3. Garage sale (or storage sale) service
  4. Late night child care service
  5. Meal preparation service
  6. Tutoring service
  7. Old electronics collection and recycling service
  8. Bill auditing service (to help neighbors and acquaintances reduce their expenses)
  9. Pet sitting or dog walking service
  10. Weekend sightseeing service
  11. Grocery shopping service
  12. Service sitting service (for people who don’t want to take off from work to wait for the cable or phone company, for example)
  13. Proofreading and editing service
  14. Maid service
  15. Wedding and family reunion planning service
  16. Parenting advice service or parenting support group service (membership-based)
  17. Special needs children advice service or support group service (membership-based)
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