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If it is to be, it is up to you and me

November 19, 2009

President Obama said, yesterday, in earnest “too much debt could spawn a double dip recession”. When politicians start saying things like this in public, better watch out. It means the sirens have long been going off behind the scenes.

No worries, though. We already knew this. No amount of money-throwing can truly rehabilitate the economy. The president did well to stabilize it but it is our job now, as entrepreneurs, to move things forward. We hired President Obama to focus on policy, national security and diplomatic positioning. We’ve got to do the rest.

I laugh when people talk about the government and big business being in bed together. It will always be that way. The government is like a passive aggressive mistress who knows she’s wrong in the first place and is torn between her moral sensibilities—and her almost involuntary lust and need for her secret lover’s attention and gifts. The government, at once, lashes out against big business, angry that it is so obviously being seduced while giggling nervously as big business kisses it on the forehead and sits another gift on the night stand. Disgusting. Preposterous. But true.

The only thing that will save us—beside grace—from this economic slump is good solid business building. We need an entrepreneurial uprising. Everyone should play a part. The government may stand on stumps and diss its big business lovers but it’s mostly for show. The feds are not going to reclaim, from ridiculous bonuses, all the money that we the people gave to rescue big business—including big banks that still are not lending to small businesses. So, it’s time we stop feeding the animals.

Every person has a role to play:

  • You can start a business and committ to building it successfully to take care of your family; and then create jobs (even if they’re independent contractor jobs).
  • You can invest in the business of someone you know, or even someone you don’t know, through sites like Prosper and Lending Club that take care of all the paperwork, collections and legalities for you. Surely you’ll do at least as well as you’ve done investing, through your mutual funds and 401k, in all the name brand businesses that have screwed us twice throughout this fiasco.
  • And all of us can commit to re-routing as much of our money as possible (at least a couple hundred bucks per month) to smaller companies—or to entrepreneurs and businesses that operate in our communities.

Entrepreneurs of the world, stand up. Fellow citizens, pay attention and use your money wisely. We’ve got a mission to accomplish—and if it is to be, it is up to you and me.

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