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Pride Comes Before a Fall

November 17, 2009

As adults we’re supposed to know everything. Then, oh goodness, if you’re an entrepreneur you’re supposed to be a total expert. Puh-lease. There’s pride and then there’s pride. And that second kind of pride is trumped up pride—the dangerous variety. The kind that causes you to believe your own hype or to be too fearful to admit when you’re wrong, or unable to admit that what you’re doing is not what’s best—so you’re stuck and unable to change direction.

I dealt with this along time ago and I’m glad. It saves me from disastrous outcomes because I just say as early as possible—when it’s true—“Ugh, I really screwed that one up. Where to now?” Egolessness, or at least less-ego, is freedom!

Too much ego can make you broke-o.

In an interview with Entrepreneur magazine, skateboarding champion turned businessman Tony Hawk, admits that one mis-step he made along the way in business was “throwing money” at a luxury denim collection that he was backing. He eventually realized that it was going no where and he needed to ditch the business because it was draining his successful skateboarding-related business empire.

So he got into a business that didn’t work. No big deal.

He saw that it wasn’t working and he walked away. Very big deal. Tony Hawk didn’t fall prey to pride and a big fat ego.

In business, you’re not a winner by what you know, you’re a winner by how much you grow. Check yourself often for the best results.

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