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Just Create Something That People Really, Really Like

June 23, 2009

Something happened yesterday and I woke up a much simpler person. I think what happened has been stirring over the last few months as I have had some dramatic, life-changing experiences; but whatever this big bang was, it took the form this morning of a personal mental shift (sometimes called a “breakthrough”) in me.

This calmer, simpler perspective and approach will probably show up in myriad ways in my life over the next few months but the most obvious way it is coming out now is my desire to write this blog sharing that everything—especially business—is so simple.

Want to know the really simple way to be successful in business? Just create something that people really, really like. When you do this, everything else will come together. You’ll get customers because everybody tells other people about stuff they really, really like.

That will bring in money, which you need to run your business. Your business growth will necessitate the need for employees or contractors, and you’ll find good people to work for you because everybody wants to work for a brand that people really, really like. Publicity? That’ll come. Press can’t help themselves—they love telling people why so many other people really, really like something (and the cons of why they shouldn’t, but why they do anyway).

Taxes, accounting and all that other back office stuff required for business? Well, you can hire the best help money will buy to take care of that stuff if you don’t really like doing it because you’ll have so many customers who really, really like coming back for more of what you created that is relevant to their lives.

Product/service. Customers. Marketing. Back Office. That’s pretty much a business. So, you see, it’s simple. Just create something that people really, really like—and you’ll really, really, really like the result.

Be Encouraged,

Felicia Joy

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  1. Jon Paul Preyer permalink
    January 6, 2010 5:50 pm

    I’m doing a lot of thinking about product but it’s so difficult. I’m reading on product/service development and it’ll come in timw. 🙂 Thanks, and I agree it really, really, is very simple.

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