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E = Assets

May 11, 2009

E — energy — equals assets. Are you aware of your energy?

I started thinking about this much earlier this morning as I was exercising and briefly went into a “zone”. I love that place. In a zone, intense purpose, focus and results are as easily achievable as sitting on your duff in front of the television.

I have more “mind” days than “zone” days but it is part of my life’s work right now to figure out how to flip that ratio and share it with other people. I’ve learned enough to know already that a big part of stepping into the zone is your energy.

Approaching a goal with “mind” is better than not approaching it at all; but approaching it with “energy” can make all the difference in the world in the level of success you achieve and the speed at which you reach your outcome. For instance, when I run with “mind” I still get a great workout, break a sweat and finish with an average of 10 minute miles, which is decent. But when I run with “energy”, I get an even better work out, am drenched with sweat and shave at least 1 minute off of every mile. Quite a difference.

Energy is the reason why I (a lover of music and dancing) could be totally tired, worn out and sleepy but dance for 3-4 hours non-stop (literally) if someone were to play upbeat danceable music. For me, music delivers massive energy — it creates that zone.

Ideally, as entrepreneurs, we wake up everyday with tons of energy, not just physical energy but a “knowing” energy where you feel deep down inside to the core of your being that you are going to absolutely achieve what you’ve set out to do in business. When you believe something so strongly and you can tap into the energy of that belief at will, then you’ve found your “entrepreneurial achievement zone”.

The higher the quality of your energy, the greater the value of your assets. Here are a few quick steps to begin evaluating and calibrating your energy:

  1. Simply be more aware of your energy levels and the substance of your energy everyday.
  2. Notice your daily work (and life) results, or outcomes, in relation to your energy.  If your energy is flowing and lofty are you more productive that day and do you enjoy the adventures of life on that day a bit more?
  3. Begin to pay attention to what impacts your energy: What drags your energy down; maintains it; or boosts it?
  4. Steer clear of people and things that drag your energy down consistently; and put more time toward the people and things that boost your energy!
  5. Post a comment to this blog to share what is working for you. Your comments may be compel helpful feedback from others—and you will help someone else too.
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